September 4, 2011

MY FUN WEEK with Mommy

While my brother, Nick, and my daddy went to Africa on a trip, mommy and I had 8 days all to ourselves!  Except for one thing,  we had a visitor named Irene!  IRENE is what they called the hurricane that hit the east coast last week.  

We were down at the beach watching the waves and it got very windy.  My hair was standing straight up!

Then mommy and I got scared, it got dark and we started to run for the house but got caught in the heavy rain.  

The lights in our house went out!  It was very scary so we packed up the car and headed off the island from Folly Beach to my best friend Juliette's house in town.

Juliette and I played princess dress-up and beauty shoppe.  We had so much fun and the best part was we got to sleep over!  The next day we went to visit the Edwards.  Nicholas and Alex are friends of mine and mommy visited with Mr. Jonathan and Mama Luda.  And we got to have another sleep over!!!

This is Nicholas

This is Alex

We had so much fun visiting but it was time for us to go back home to check our house and make sure everything was alright.  Our power was back on and kitty was ok.  

The next day,  we were off once again, taking a trip to Winston-Salem, NC to our farm and to visit with Aunt Ma.  Mommy had business in town at the hospital where she is hanging 50 of her photography prints in the new wing.  I loved playing at the farm and didn't want to leave to go back to SC.  We could only stay for one day.  We got on the road to head back home, when suddenly, a big storm came up!  We thought it was a tornado and pulled off the road.  It hailed really hard and the sky was lit up with lightning bolts.  It was very scary!  We waited until after the storm passed over before we drove home.

It was a very busy week!!!  And mommy and I had fun, even with the scary stuff!