February 26, 2011


Today I turned 4 years old!  And I'm having a birthday party with my best friends Anna and Juliette.

I picked out the napkins and plates for my party and mommy got some pretty balloons.  We decorated the luncheonette counter and turned on the juke box to play my favorite songs.

I received a package today from my Nana... I couldn't wait to open it!  It was my favorite pair of shoes called "Twinkle Toes".   They are so cool.

I just had to put them on right away and wear them to my party.

And Nana made a beautiful card for me with lots of pretty colored flowers.  It's my favorite card.

The very best thing for my birthday was my cake.  It was a Cinderella cake with a coach, horses, the prince and Cinderella.  It is so pretty... we can't wait to have cake and ice cream!!!

 These are party shoes, we danced so much we had to take them off!  There was a lot of dancing.

It was the best party ever until my balloon popped!

But I'm 4 years old today and I'm very happy!!!